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Thank you for visiting this page. I have been collecting cues for a long time and hope that you enjoy this display of unique and rare custom cue sticks and cases from throughout pool and billiards' modern era. Most of the sticks on this page range from about 1935 to present day. I am not a dealer, but rather a collector, so nothing is for sale unless specifically advertised as such. I am always looking for interesting cues to add to the collection. Please email me if you are interested in selling your custom cue. Here are my criteria for new acquisitions: custom, no wrap (unless exotic animal skin), pool or billiard cue, 100% original (no refinished or restored cues unless done by original cue maker) finish, antique custom or production. Provenance is also important for antique cue sticks. I will pay a premium for antique cues with provenance. I will also consider trade offers. You can contact me with any questions you might have. I hope that you enjoy the collection.

Deno J. Andrews

Cue Sticks from the Deno Andrews Collection


Cognscenti- Joe Gold:

Joel Hercek:

Jack Justis:

David P. Kersenbrock:

Mike Lambros Cues:

Miltonio Custom Cues:

Palmer Custom Cues- Gene Balner

PFD Studios- Paul Drexler Cues:

Herman Rambow:

Tim Scruggs:

South West Cue Company:

Burton Spain:

Murray Tucker:

Adrian Viguera- Hadrianus Cues:

Skip Weston:

William Lee

Ed Young:

Brunswick Titlist Cues / Blanks, c. 1940s. Titlist cues were virtually the beginning of the two piece custom cue. Famous cue makers like Rambow and Balabushka used the Titlist cues as a foundation for their own work; they would purchase the cues from Brunswick, cut them in two, install a joint, a wrap at the grip, and adorn with either the ivory disk seen in the Rambow above, or inlay work. To this day, construction of full spliced cues like these is the highest standard in joining different woods together in collectible cues. The influence of the Titlist blank on cue sticks today is so profound that a large percentage of contemporary collectible cues feature "points" with veneers just like these cues and are assembled in the same manner. These cues in their time were standard pool room wall cues but are now highly sought after by collectors, and cue makers who use them to make new cues. Value can vary as Brunswick used many different base woods ranging from Amaranth and Brazilian Rosewood to Oak, and many other lesser quality woods. These specific cues are some of the very finest examples and are in all original, and excellent condition. Original black ferrules and stickers. Hoppe signature perfect on each cue. Points are sharp and are not unglued.

Eddie Laube Billiard Cues (2), age unknown at this time. The spliced Laube shows Eddie's struggle to depart from the typical look of the spliced cue that was ubiquitous in most cue makers' work of the time. Both cues indicate his desire to work with more figured maple, something that placed Laube somewhat ahead of his time. Thanks to Jon Spiegel for providing these examples of very rare Laube Cues.

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