1981 World 3 Cushion Championship

Cairo, Egypt. February 3-8, 1981

From the notes of Carl Conlon (Purchased by Deno Andrews): The 35th Championship of the World was won by Ludo Dielis of Belgium. Dielis defeated Nobuaki Kobayashi of Japan 60-40 in 50 innings to win his first 3-Cushion title. Both players entered the finale with identical 10-0 recors. On paper, Kobayashi was the favorite averaging 1.488 for his first ten games versus Dielis's 1.224. Dielis played a masterful safety game, holding Kobayashi to five points while he scored 31 in the middle innings. Kobayashi made a late surge with runs of ten and six but was unable to overcome Dielis's early lead. Dielis thus adds the World 3-Cushion title to his other World titles in Pentathlon, one-cushion and balkline. The victory was unusual in that Dielis got his chance to play when the Belgian Billiard Federation chose his as substitute for Raymond Ceulemans, the perennial title-holder, when Ceulemans elected not to defend his title for personal reasons.

Tournament Program from this Event

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