USBA- Shooters Billiards Championship, March 27-28,1993

Shooters Billiards, Jacksonville IL

From the USBA Newsletter: Sonny Cho, NYC, met 8-time U.S. National Champion George Ashby in the final game of the tournament. Both were undefeated at this point. Sonny was scintillating in a 35 to 17 win over George in 21 innings! Sonny has told me many times as have scores of other players that they try to emulate George Ashby's play and gentlemanly approach to the game of 3-cushion billiards. George was the consumate gentleman while accepting the loss.

Averages were not kept accept for the final game. Two players advanced from each of the three brackets making a six player round robin final tournament.

Final Standings:

  1. Sonny Cho, $300
  2. George Ashby, $190 (High Run 10)
  3. Jack Knoerr, $100
  4. Wayne Cox, $80
  5. Dennis Dieckman, $70
  6. Vince Tobin, $60

Flight A: Mike Melloy, Jack Knoerr, Wayne Cox, Gary Fellhauer, Bill Overby.

Flight B: Joe Dymit, John Ross, Vince Tobin, Jim Blesse, Sonny Cho, Jorge Leon.

Flight C: Rich Conboy, Deno Andrews, Dennis Dieckman, George Ashby, Gene Moyer.

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